For The Arthur M. Walters Bridge Builders Project, our mission is to be a CATALYST FOR SUCCESS to minority college students and community entities that are making a positive impact in our neighborhoods; believing in the importance of establishing partnerships to help form our future leaders and make connections for a better world. This will be done on a nonprofit basis consistent with our charitable purposes.

Towards accomplishing our purpose, our organization is designed to be a bridge and resource in assisting individuals and organizations that have goals and desires to elevate and inspire their communities, and the world at-large; but may lack sufficient monetary funds or depend largely on donations to achieve their goals. The Bridge Builders Project also strives to expose young people to the arts and its' benefits in the learning process.  


The Project is dedicated to:

  • helping minority students pursue their college education, who have shown diligence to their studies and to the neighborhoods in which they live.

  • supporting diverse community entities that focus on uplifting and narrowing the gaps in education, training, employment, and leadership of minorities in an effort to provide “a more level playing field”; ensuring individuals’ success in our society as productive and viable contributors.