Arthur Meredith Walters was a 20-year Army veteran and a social services administrator; who is most recognized for his role as the Louisville Urban League’s (LUL) Executive Director from 1970-1987.  He joined the LUL, an affiliate of the National Urban League, in 1963 as their Director of Job Development and Employment; and from 1963 to 1987 he worked tirelessly in creating employment, housing, and educational opportunities previously denied minorities.


He wrote the nationally recognized on-the-job training program for the League to assist the under-skilled and under-privileged in finding employment.  This signature program helped to persuade Kentucky and area companies to hire, train, and recruit black workers.  It became a model training program that was used throughout the network of League affiliates.  He was a catalyst for change in desegregation, equal housing, job opportunities for minorities, innovations in program services, and a champion of race relations.

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